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They say Destiny, Skyrim, and grand theft auto 5 are the best games
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chicksboii1811/28 10:54AM
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On The Fence With Madden 15
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PlayaMadeTxn051211/28 10:36AM
Help me convince myself NOT to trade in my PS4 for a WiiU!(Would re-buy later) (Poll)
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GeminiX76811/28 10:33AM
Thomas Was Alone or Steamworld dig?seltraeh22611/28 10:32AM
Can you re-download ps+games for free after deleting them?
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Jzx11031111/28 10:30AM
Infamous Second Son: GOTY
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IzuZkb7711/28 10:28AM
Is Evil Within like re4 or 5?
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master_chief_822511/28 10:21AM
Can PS4 win over the Japanese market with these games?FinalFantasyer911/28 10:19AM
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Just bought a PS4, help me make sure my list of games to buy is complete?
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Roxas521311/28 10:14AM
$30 PS+ for a year deal
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Lord_Greyjoy1911/28 10:08AM