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How come I am never affected these PSN outages?
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EsperStarr1212/25 4:43PM
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wut game did you get for Sony's 4th Beast?
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theGodPanties4412/25 4:42PM
dreamgear headset helpDirt_Nap33112/25 4:38PM
If you can't play your digital games because PSN is down, have thisSetzera1012/25 4:30PM
Why is there still a Day One firmware update in the first place?
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aheroafake1712/25 4:26PM
Cant verify licensedATerXies312/25 4:26PM
how do i check my trophy progress when psn is down?kirbyhoakage612/25 4:23PM
Console gamers, do you leave assisted aiming on or off in shooters? (Poll)
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ravenom_061312/25 4:21PM
Do you need PS4 to be online to play DOWNLOADED, SINGLE-PLAYER games?PlanetKeron812/25 4:18PM
Is this covered under Sony's policy or should I be asking for a refund?
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EternalWolf4712/25 4:16PM
So is there any real reason PSN is down?
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Rain_Dust1212/25 4:11PM
I wanted to baptised some Christmas noobs on Advanced warfare
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tactikz41112/25 4:10PM
Help with a decisionlaputka12812/25 4:06PM
Can I use my Xbox One's USB ports to...aheroafake512/25 4:04PM
PSN is still down
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DmanTee2212/25 4:04PM
please I'm bored I want to play psn pleaseeeeeeIloveslimesOMG612/25 4:00PM
The god rays are back in FC4 with today's patch
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RoscoePNoChainz1712/25 3:45PM
Finest squad gang really
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Alexx31861912/25 3:39PM
Does Sony have weak online security?
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nurnberg4112/25 3:38PM
So I just noticed something in regards to PSN, PS+, and the usual gamer online.
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Shiro-RedWind-2312/25 3:33PM