As a PS4 fan, what is your job? (Full-Time or Part-Time)

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United States Air Force
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teaguejr posted...
I'm a cop been one for 4 years now

Good for you. I hope you're not a d-bag cop like my notorious New York State troopers. I have no problem at all with cops or law enforcement and very much admire what they and yourself do. With that said, there are a hella lotta sleazebags in your profession. I'm sure it's only exacerbated by the good cop to bad cop ratio of videos on the internet however.
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I'm a pharmacy student, still 2 years before I get my Pharm D.

Until September I'm working full-time as a pharmacy intern and when I go back to school, I'll be part-time as a secretary at a continued medical education office.
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Freelance Electronics Technician
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Software developer, soon to be entrepreneur and CEO.
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