PS4 and more RTS games: What says you?

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3 years ago#1
To be more specific, I was mostly pertaining to Sega's TOTAL war series.

Considering the PS4 architecture is x-86 and the GPU uses "compute" capabilities...would you like to see specific games like ROME: total war, SHOGUN 2 or EMPIRE total war on it? I mean with the added option of mouse and k/b?

Imagine how the legion/infantry battles would be on a 50 LED TV, your Roman General yelling out in surround sound and your army clashing in arms with the opposition.

I'm calling it now, if the PS4 install base takes flight, SEGA will make this an option.

What do you think? How far fetched could it be?
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3 years ago#2
i already have a pc
3 years ago#3
It's stupid to play RTS with a controller, and you can plug a pc into a large tv.
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3 years ago#4
I'd love it. I'd like to see StarCraft 2 show up. The problem is with the controler. It could be a pain selecting units and issuing orders without the accuracy of the mouse and button count of the keyboard.
3 years ago#5
Dorami posted...
It's stupid to play RTS with a controller, and you can plug a pc into a large tv.

I agree about the controller although I'd like to see if the touchpad could make it possible. My PC is in my office because I like to use Excel on a monitor just like I like to game on my big screen TV.

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3 years ago#6
With the touchpad I could see these types of games as a possibility. Use the touchpad like a mouse and use it in conjunction with the buttons. Depending on the functionality of the touchpad you could click in to use it like a mouse button, then use the buttons to draw circles / give commands, etc.

Could be interesting to try. But doubt developers have the vision to pull it off. Developers are incredibly lazy these days.

Also the PS4 can support a mouse/keyboard, so really no reason they couldnt be put onto the system. I love me some RTS, so it wouldn't be a bad thing. Hell command and conquer and such like that came out on the PSOne lol.
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3 years ago#7
Personally I'd rather see some strategy/resource management type of games (such as Liberty or Death, PTO, PTOII, Genghis Khan: Clan of the Greywolf, ETO, PTO IV)....Koei pretty much had the formula mastered.
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3 years ago#8
I honestly don't know how RTS would work on a console...maybe with the touch pad, it'd be a bit easier, but I've always seen RTS as a PC exclusives genre, due to the heavy emphasis on KB and Mouse
3 years ago#9
Id love to see developers breaking hard into RTS for next generation was a pending subject from this gen...defenitelly another reason to drive me farer from PC ...
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