Your Game of the Conference?

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List of Games shown at Conference :

Assassins Creed 4
Watch Dogs
Second Son
Gran Turismo 6
Rogue Legacy
Guns of Icarus Online
Wastleland Kings
Hotline Miami 2
Everyone's Gone to the Rapture
Shadow of the Beast
The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth
Velocity 2X
Killzone : Shadowfall multiplayer

Out of those, which one did you like the most?

I, like many others, think that Rime really made a big impact on everyone. The cross between Shadow of the Colossus/Ico and Wind Waker and Journey was amazing. Graphically very well done too. Great lighting effects and amazing animation on everything. Looks like it is going to be a massive world to explore.

Second Son, graphically, just kills everything else at Gamescom. I think only Battlefield 4 can match up in pure graphical impressiveness. Killzone right there behind them with ... SHOCKING ... Gran Turismo 6 coming in very close behind. Seriously, that game floored me. I sometimes wondered if we were seeing the GT6 PS4 announcement trailer. It looked amazing for a PS3 title.
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Definitely Rime for me.
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Infamous: Second Son, also my most anticipated out of all the PS4 games announced.
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Killzone Mercenary (the uploaded a new trailer the moment after the conference)
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Just so you guys know, the men who make Everybody Has Gone to the Rapture also made Dear Esther on the PC last year.


Loved that game on PC. They have shown off some teaser screens of the game now as well.
Politics is alot like Hockey. Noone cares until the Playoffs and then everyone is an expert.
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I'm not gonna count the previously revealed games as inFAMOUS would always win that for me.

So, Rime.

followed by Shadow Of The Beast
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Shadow of the Beast...

followed by Rime
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