Can I find PS PLUS on a discount?

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User Info: Oneillxs

3 years ago#1
I know you can find Xbox liver 1 year subscription at a discount. So I wander if I can do the same. Ive never bought a Subscription for PS Plus tho. But I since it will mandatory for the Ps4, I guess i should start soon.

User Info: Northlane

3 years ago#2
It was $40 on Best Buy a couple weeks ago

User Info: dspmusik

3 years ago#3
I've always got my XBL gold subs on eBay for $35-43, and I think a year retails for $50 or $55.
But them again, I get 70% of all my stuff on eBay.
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User Info: BkzIzu

3 years ago#4
Amazon also had a sale a month ago on P+ cards.

User Info: BruceLee1974

3 years ago#5
I am also wondering can't you buy 12 months of PSN + for cheap like you could xbox live gold memberships ? I always used to buy mine cheap on Ebay or find them on a online site. But PS+ doesn't really seem to be available anywhere cheaper then the playstation online store.

User Info: Neonwarrior1243

3 years ago#6
The cheapest I've seen it is when they had spend 50$ get 10$ back and also had get 3 months free. So it was 40$ for 15 months (2.67$ a month).

User Info: EZ007

3 years ago#7
FREE if you apply for Playstation Credit card and make your 1st purchase on PSN store! You get an e-mail with code after card get's billed/charged.
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