Would you be overwhelmed or underwhelmed if THESE were the 2014 lineup?

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Rybal posted...
Jimm3rF3rdette posted...
uncharted 4
the order
gt6 ps4 edition
the last of us ps4 edition
indie crap
psn titles

So, 3 new AAA titles (infamous, uncharted, the order) , and 2 ps3 games ported to ps4 with slightly better graphics (although gt6 might be more than just better graphics) .

I.e - 3 AAA games in 2014. Which would mean 8 AAA exclusives in year one out of the 20 exclusives they promised, which means the remaining 60% of the exclusives are indie / psn.

Would you be overwhelmed or underwhelmed?

So - basically like the Wii U?

But you completely missed that actual content of the "20 exclusives" comment if you think that ANY of them are going to be indie. He specifically stated that ALL of their FIRST PARTY studios were working on new games and that 20 of the 30 were due out in the first year.

Aside from that, there will be third party support throughout the year, so we don't really have to worry about this being the lineup.

No, none of the 20 are indie, however, after gamescom, im convinced most of the 20 are psn titles.
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Sophistication posted...
I hate indie trash, so I'd be underwhelmed. But not as underwhelmed as I am with ps4's launch... What a stink binker this is turning into.

More of the same junk we've seen for 15 to 20 years now.

Oh boy, uncharted.
wowz, infamous.
Insane rock star tones, more Grantourismo.

Just go away until you bring something new to the table, Sony. I mean, what's the point of ps4? It's playing all the same crap ps3 does. The indie trash can run on an atari. We don't need this gen.

Weren't you going to make a website or something?
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