How big is your current TV?

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3 years ago#71
i dont know why but im the only with 19" LCD TV ?
however i do game on a way bigger one too.
3 years ago#72
I have a 60" LG Plasma in the main room with my surround sound system. It's freaking fantastic!

I moved my year old 50" LG Plasma from the main room into the bedroom for the wife and I after upgrading to my new 60".

Both televisions are fantastic. I think 60" is the perfect sweet spot for now. No reason to upgrade anytime soon.
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3 years ago#73
My gaming TV is 23" and the cable TV is 20". I don't see why people would need anything bigger unless they're blind or sitting across the room for no good reason. Both Samsung 1080p TV/monitor combos. Used to use them on the PC until I got my laptop.
3 years ago#74
I use a 22 inch monitor for gaming. I have a 55 inch TV in the living room though.
3 years ago#75
Mine is 26". It's a little too big for my room, so I don't plan on getting anything bigger.
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3 years ago#76
Sharp 70LE732, someone had to be an early adopter of these Sharp's... great picture, sub par lag. Hopefully the 90" models come down in price quickly, 70" looks small after two years of having it. Maybe 110" 4k models will be ready by the time that happens.
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3 years ago#77
40" Insignia LED in the living room and 32" Samsung 1080i CRT in the bedroom. I usually play on the Insignia, but sometimes I'll move my 360 into the bedroom when I don't feel like doing jack that day
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3 years ago#78
I play on a 24" monitor because it look's far better and it make's almost all online gaming easier since you don't have a massive screen to look around.
3 years ago#79

I imagine 50" would be ideal but 40" is plenty.
3 years ago#80
a 32 inch.
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