2 years ago#111
GuitaristMatt posted...
US games cost less on PSN, but there are no region specific hardware. The PS4 hardware is region free.

Wouldn't the price on PSN be determined by your PSN account rather than the hardware? I know it works that way on XBL.
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2 years ago#112
Yeah, sorry if that was confusing.

US-SEN games generally cost less than UK/JP-SEN games
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2 years ago#113
Can anyone confirm if the Region B PS4 can output 50hz BD content at 60hz?
I refuse to buy XB1 until it's sold without Kinect. No, I'm not a Sony fanboy. See?
2 years ago#114
There was a price drop on DB I think PS4 is 18800 as of today. :)
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Can someone tell me if it is possible to make PS3 headset:

(PS3 Ear Force PX21) work on PS4 including sending the sound through the headset itself? It says it is compatible on Amazon but it is not working. Have had this for PS3 for a while now and so far I have been able to get it to work with multiple other devices by just switching the USB to whatever I am listening from. Does not seem to be the case for PS3 unless there are very specific combinations of settings that I am missing to make it work.
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2 years ago#116
Heres PS Now FAQ info.
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It's wonderful to see so many enthusiastic gamers here. We're getting a lot of great questions as well.
I'd love to hear more of them so keep them coming!
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2 years ago#118
Hello I have a question does the ps4 have automatic custom tracks like the 360?
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2 years ago#119
Is there a bluetooth media remote like PS3 yet or plans for one? It really pisses me off that PS3 is still the only HT hardware that uses a BT remote. IR is such ancient tech.
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I have only read the last page of this topic, but in the original post the price for games says $60 or 49. I live in The Netherlands and can tell that even though the exchange rate (don't know if this is correct) is correct, the prices for games here is 60. They just replace the $ with , unfortunately...
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