Lots of ps4 gamestop launch news plus demo unit info!!

#1k1lo19Posted 10/27/2013 1:04:40 PM
So it looks like gamestop will be getting demo units starting on the 2nd so check at around there at your local store

So it also looks like they have been having a lot of ps4 cancels but not for any real reason just as it gets closer to launch people are realizing that they want have the money . But it looks like they want be receiving any extra units besides the ones that are preordered. So even though people are canceling they are not reallocating those unites to sell to walk ins. However they are planning on opening up preorders one more time but wasn't sure of the date so you might want to call you local store and check or see if you can get on a waiting list to be called.

As for the actual launch there trying to have everyone's preorder payed off by the 10th so they can know how many to expect and having people get there receipt by 6 that night of the 14 so people can just walk in and pick up there systems so the line should move very fast. This confirms what people had already been hearing but NO systems will be sold to walk ins that night.
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#2SabramPosted 10/27/2013 1:11:23 PM
Nice source there.
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#3k1lo19(Topic Creator)Posted 10/27/2013 1:22:19 PM
Lol, same source as everyone else for gamestop. My friends a manager. But he did say they weren't suppose to reveal the dates of the demo units arrival for some reason.
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#4Anarchy612Posted 10/27/2013 1:25:54 PM
My GameStop is getting units for walk-ins. Must be different depending on location
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#5the1beingPosted 10/27/2013 1:58:37 PM
My gamestop is having a pre launch party the monday night before release. They will have a kiosk set up for people who preordered to come in and play gor a few hours.