Crazy PS4 launch video from Germany!

#1UltraPlanetPosted 12/1/2013 8:27:06 AM
Funny, sad and crazy at the same time:
#2esehomie14Posted 12/1/2013 8:28:16 AM
Already posted.
#3UltraPlanet(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2013 8:30:48 AM
No it's a new much bigger video.
#4PaullPosted 12/1/2013 8:33:26 AM
Nope, that's definitely the one I watched before leaving for work 10 hours ago.
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#5UltraPlanet(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2013 8:37:11 AM
This one is over 4 minutes, the one in the other topic is only 20 seconds.
#6GensokyoPosted 12/1/2013 8:43:35 AM
It's already posted. Just get over it.
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#7SweetTooth3189Posted 12/1/2013 9:09:21 AM
Gensokyo posted...
It's already posted. Just get over it.

LOL! He thinks he had breaking news.
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#8ssjgohhkuPosted 12/1/2013 9:46:28 AM
It's new to me.
#9RetsuZaiZenPosted 12/1/2013 10:27:26 AM
ssjgohhku posted...
It's new to me.

Why do nerdsalways get caught up on the details?
#10NeoMonkPosted 12/1/2013 10:30:07 AM
I haven't this many Germans stampeding since... well nvm :P
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