Are you a bedroom or a living room gamer??

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User Info: CollCrofter

3 years ago#1
I'm a bit of both but mainly my bedroom because it's a bit of a lad pad :)

(Sorry, I can't make a poll)
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User Info: Second_Hokage

3 years ago#2
Bedroom. I like having quiet, undisturbed gaming sessions.

User Info: doc1369

3 years ago#3
Ha, what timing. I am going from a living room to bedroom gamer today. Rent a room and tired to my room mate starring at me before he goes downstairs. look it up.
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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#4
living room

I only use my bed room for bed related...stuff...
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User Info: hamdooley

3 years ago#5
Anywhere I want, I have the whole place to myself.
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User Info: Asuir

3 years ago#6
My living room has a 55 inch tv so I would go there when I would come home from college. Now my room has a 40 inch tv, so I usually stay in my room.

User Info: ARMs7777

3 years ago#7
bedroom. So much more quiet and the rooms huge with tons of space so it feels almost like the living room.

User Info: Neo_PortaPotty

3 years ago#8
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User Info: daytonthegreat

3 years ago#9
Both, I have systems in both the bedroom and the living room.
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User Info: TheArtOfRuin83

3 years ago#10
Neither for me. Man room gamer. Even has a bathroom. Tv is visible from the throne when the door is open, incase I don't want to miss anything during football games lol
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