How to manually Record Gameplay each time and never miss a moment

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majorsnake6791 posted...
"After hours of testing yesterday, I'm confident on how to record gameplay each time without relying on hitting the Share button "

Then he goes on to say HIT THE SHARE BUTTON


Ok, if you wanna be technical.......

I mean hitting the share button for the purpose of capturing the last 15 minutes of gameplay feature which isn't consistent.
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This FAQs definitely helped me out. Everytime I do something I wanna make sure got recorded, I hit the share button to save my clip! Thanks!
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How do I delete or take screenshots? I also have many screenshots that I would like to delete but I don't see the option to delete it anywhere. Is there a link or a F.A.Q. that I can check out to use the "Share" button?
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Thanks for the info.
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Lol Wow, all that work just to record? Ha
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RussellGorall posted...
I honestly doubt they will sticky this.

Eat your words.
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