How to manually Record Gameplay each time and never miss a moment

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If anyone has ever used twitch before, you would know that whatever you stream on PC gets recorded onto the website.

Anyways, unfortunately from what I hear (I haven't done it myself), this isn't the case with the PS4. You can stream to twitch live, but it won't record your gameplay.

However, Sony did say that they are working on a big patch where everything you stream onto twitch does end up getting recorded to your account on twitch.

You'd just have to use a 3rd party downloader and re-upload onto youtube (if you want it on youtube).

It will make it easier for everyone to upload and record footage.
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tag for later.
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The problem with that is that the PS4 starts recording once you power it on.. So yeah they need to make it so that you can dictate when the recording function should start..
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Is it possible to record your voice in addition to gameplay?
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Thanks, didn't know this.
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LunarRoar posted...
Is it possible to record your voice in addition to gameplay?

Yes it also records your voice if you have your mic plugged in.
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bump...very useful!
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My ps4 doesn't record all the time. It doesn't record when I sometimes double tap the share button to start. I'll finish a match and nothing will be there when I check.
I have it on easy screenshot mode.
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Post-1.70 update, this issue may have been resolved.

According to this user, you have to press square after hitting the share button to save the clip. This should correctly save the last 15 minutes of footage.

Might want to update the OP if this indeed confirmed to work.
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So the double tap the share button to record long periods of time is no longer working after this update... Well for me anyway. Anyone else? I know you now have to press the square button but, that only records the last 15 mins..
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