Let's humour the haters and pretend PS4 doesn't and won't have any exclusives!

#21Miiri0Posted 2/8/2014 1:19:09 AM
YouMirin posted...
We all know the PS consoles always get great exclusives, but let's pretend it won't get any.

Multiplats comprise about 90% of the games we get now. Isn't it a bigger problem for the competition when the PS4 is more powerful, cheaper, is considered to have the better controller, and is getting the better multiplat versions?

Hell, forget everything and focus on price, and pretend controllers and how the games run are equal across the board. Wouldn't you want the cheaper system for the same games?

And this is without factoring in the better premium subscription for online, what with all the games PS+ gets.

Its no brainer. PS4 is way better choices for console than X1.

Considerably more powerful
Cheaper price (LOL)
All multiplatform run better on PS4