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do PSN games install like disc based games? if so, serious design flaw
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kasplat360157/31 2:45PM
PS NOW. $50,- a year all access. would you?
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ArmyofAnyone257/31 2:45PM
ahhhhh i need a rpg, preferably jrpg. now!
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the_Insatiable337/31 2:44PM
what MP games are you playing on your ps4 right now?
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ItchyTasty93177/31 2:32PM
Why do you think these services such as dlc and subscription......docman864107/31 2:28PM
Rogue Galaxy remakeZephyrnos97/31 2:20PM
how's FEZ? i'm in dire need of a game and don't want to pay for anything
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Haaska1202117/31 2:07PM
ISsaugust 12th just a place holder for the blue controller?eightoneseven47/31 2:03PM
Question about hbo goTmo199237/31 2:02PM
How do I look up when my PSN account was created?
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SoF-Rambo127/31 2:00PM
Your Internet connection quality can support streaming games!Not_Vork107/31 1:50PM
After Resident Evil 7 finishes the story, Outbreak 3 should happen on PS4xenosaga12347/31 1:41PM
Do my stores take used headsets?joelanator049257/31 1:36PM
Just bought a ps4 need games...?
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SOULGAINE147/31 1:18PM
If all these rpg games came to PS4 at the same time, what would you get 1st (Poll)
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knightimex317/31 12:57PM
PS Now price/time question.Extreme_light77/31 12:49PM
What are the chances we get a good Guardians of the Galaxy game (Poll)monkeyman011167/31 12:49PM
How can people like Watch Dogs!?
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RealDioBrando297/31 12:48PM
Tomb Raider: D.E. or The Last of Us: R (Poll)
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Genstar2000117/31 12:41PM
If you can only get one..... (Poll)
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Bar_bar13137/31 12:41PM