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Defend your favorite bad/hated game.
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temoorashraf1610/30 5:11AM
Order: 1886 PS4 Demo Is an Ancient Build, Dev Cant Wait to Show More
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Flare17217710/30 5:10AM
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Do you think 3.0 will fix all of the bugs in 2.0NextGenISbetter510/30 5:06AM
Two games Questionps4fan810/30 4:43AM
How do you feel about The Order?
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AttackOnTitan3110/30 4:24AM
What is a good ssd drive to put into the ps4?amloprinzi810/30 4:06AM
Anybody else see the whole SJW in gaming thing coming a mile away?
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ZeeDogge1110/30 3:50AM
I guess fixing the message system wasn't a big deal to Sony?
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ibl33dblue3149010/30 3:49AM
share play not working??cloudsurfertom310/30 3:39AM
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Shadow of Mordor or the Evil Within?
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Teremei2410/30 3:17AM
So it seems people are fixing the rest mode glitch by...CrimsonGear80910/30 3:01AM
Anyone got spare evolve beta code?vishmarx310/30 2:50AM
PS4 Turns itself on....
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ilikefords1210/30 2:43AM
Youtube isn't allowing sign-in? Guaranteed fix here!AtomicMenace310/30 2:42AM
Weird thing about Game Sharinglaskal210/30 2:42AM