Is there a difference between a good game, and a game you personally enjoy?

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It Is simple you go In not knowing If It Is a good game but you enjoy It. THAT FOLKS... Was life before Gamefaqs.
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Gigant0pithecus posted...
Outside of clear technical issues, I think it's all entirely subjective.

To answer the topic title directly: No. Because, to me, saying a game is good is synonymous with saying I enjoy it personally.

A person can personally believe that the Sun rotates around the Earth but they'd be just as wrong as you on this matter.

Let me make this clear. My comment is not one trying to take your opinion away or change your mind but rather an expression of cynical disdain towards whatever thought processes that lead you to hold that opinion.
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I would say yes and no.

There are games that you can play and see obvious red flags that annoy you, but you still play it, but there cab also be games that you genuinely feel are great games that most others don't agree with.

There is no clear standard as to what makes a good game. Most people confuse good game standard with their personal tastes.
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Yes there is. To me one of my favorite game is Champions of Norrath, while it's a very good game it may not be an AMAZING game for most.

I enjoyed Nier a lot, but would not say it's an amazing game either.

We all have our opinions and things we value more than others so if a story strike a chord with you you may like it more and things like that.

To me, No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned are awesome, but that's because I'm a sucker for Suda's craziness.