Does the length (game time) of a ps4 game help you decide if it's good or not?

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  3. Does the length (game time) of a ps4 game help you decide if it's good or not?
1 year ago#41
Option C

Tried Ikaruga?
Tried Resogun?

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1 year ago#42
Depends on the amount of content in that timespan.

Tons of content in a short, but replayable game? Good.

Little interesting content in a game that overstays its welcome? Bad.

Short game, no replay value, zero substance? Bad.

Long game, keeping me engaged the whole time, with lots to do? Good.

A game can be as short as it wants as long as the time I've spent playing it has been a good time. I'd rather play a short game than have a virtual chore.
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1 year ago#43
vanquish was probably one of the shortest games i played this gen and also one of the very best.

Binary Domain which i played recently is also quite good and is also very short.
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1 year ago#44
I don't associate length with "good" or "bad," but I do associate length with my willingness to buy a game new. If a game is awesome but is short, I'll wait until the price drops. But if it's a longer game, I'm much more likely to buy it new because I like the "bang for your buck" factor. Hence my general love for RPGs, you really get the most for your money. I don't think length should have any bearing on if you think a game is good or not.
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1 year ago#45
A game can be good without being too long.
But at the same time a good game CAN be too short for the asking price.

An example I would give is Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. There's a quarter less content than in the previous one. There's no way $50 is fair for that. $30 sure. But I imagine this question has to do with that MGS demo/prologue thing. It's a glorified demo. $15 would be pushing it as far as I'm concerned.
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1 year ago#46
Absolutely not and I pity the fools who think it matters.
ICO was a masterpiece and could be completed in a little over an hour.
There are many examples of this.
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1 year ago#47
It depends on the game.

Uncharted,TLOU, Etc... 6 to 10 hrs is the perfect length.

A 6 to 10 hour Dragon Age would suck.
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  3. Does the length (game time) of a ps4 game help you decide if it's good or not?

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