Too bad the best, most exciting game will come out on the x...

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hrj posted...
Classic TJ.
Claims he doesnīt call anyone names if they donīt agree with him, then goes on to insult the person in the very same post LOL.

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batman404 posted...
BravesCountry posted...

I bet this guy came here only because he thought I was talking about the xbox.

No one thought you were talking about the Xbox, this kind of "misleading" topic title is used all the time. They're always obvious, but at least some of them are clever. Better luck next time.

Better luck next time? Likewise to you too.
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Teremei posted...
what is an x...ps3?

Yeah I don't get it it either. He was trying to mislead people but TC did it in a way that didn't make since.
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