Bound by flame review thread. Gamespot 4/10

#41BigSnappaXPosted 5/9/2014 5:47:28 AM
Another Black Eye for Sony & it's PS4
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hey look, the vast majority of users at GF that claim only sheep blindy follow reviewers are themselves blindly following reviewers and coming to full blown conculsions/trashing before even playing what they trash....nothing screams hardcore gamers like being ignorant mindless sheep that I would like to mention are the exact type of ppl a lot of you make fun of around here lol

Gotta love GF lol
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#43Dark_SpiretPosted 5/9/2014 5:55:13 AM
i got about 4hours into it so far and really its not that bad. definitely low budget and janky at points, but its combat, upgrading, crafting, basically the core gameplay aspects are all pretty fun and very solid. visually while nothing amazing still looks fine for the most part. the story is actually pretty interesting so far too even if the voice acting is very hit and miss with some pretty atrocious lip-synching. npc's partners are pretty crap. music is very good.

im sure i have a lot more to go so who knows how it pans out, but so far it feels like a solid 7/10 game rather than a 4 or even a 2 like i seen at some places.
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#44Shy420Posted 5/9/2014 6:10:25 AM
SnoicFactor posted...

Glad i passed on this..i think

You put far too much trust in reviews.

Without a doubt there are some issues with the game like the atrocious voice acting. But the game itself looks good and plays well. There appears to be a lot of customization but to be honest I'm really not that far in to it. I was charged only 40$ for the ps4 version but even at 50 it's not a bad deal.
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BigSnappaX posted...
Another Black Eye for Sony & it's PS4


Go home Snappa. All of yur trollin' has worn down your wee little mind.
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method115 posted...
I just put 4 hours straight into this game. Gamespot can say what they want if your an RPG fan this game is great.

No. No its not.
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#47Hvarerann24Posted 5/9/2014 6:34:28 AM
In that case GTA IV was real masterpiece.

Why? Because Gamespot gave it a 10.

There's no denying with that.
#48Sailor GoonPosted 5/9/2014 6:41:22 AM
Oh yay another topic full of kids who haven't even played a game calling it crappy because they saw a review. Get a brain of your own.
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LionHeart48 posted...
Oh look the same website that gave Nier a 5/10....

Did they? Ahahah.... hilarious.

I never pay much attention to reviews and i didnt read that one, but i must say i am enjoying the game so far.

Is it the best rpg ever? Nope.
Best gameplay? Story? Hell no.

Its still enjoyable for what it is, low budget or not. Always disappointing to see how many people let random reviewers decide what theyre going to play thou, i imagine if i went by reviews id skip a lot of worthwhile and even awesome games.
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king_madden posted...
so reviews pretty much work like this.

-a game you like gets good reviews- "awesome ratings cant wait to play", "told you it was good".
-a game you like gets bad reviews- "lol(insert reviewer)". "use your own opinion not the reviewer"
-a game you dont like gets good reviews- "(insert review site here) are just fanboys", "they were paid"
-a game you dont like gets bad reviews- "lmao told you this game was terrible"

GameFAQS in a nutshell.
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