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PS4 servers in saint louise are getting destroyedSoljah312/26 11:12AM
Pay to play online and we can't get online on Christmas
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Jason_Hudson4112/26 11:11AM
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Sucessful.... Sucessful.... Checking...SoulRegalia412/26 11:08AM
How come I am never affected these PSN outages?
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EsperStarr1512/26 11:07AM
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About to switch from PSGold headset to Ttb Px4, Upgrade?
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Nihilist1412/26 11:01AM
New PS4 Owner - Hasn't been able to sign in - Will trophies transfer?lazycomplife112/26 11:00AM
All I want is to play my downloaded single player games, but noooo
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pres_madagascar2512/26 10:59AM
Not even getting an errorstop31012/26 10:53AM
Can I still get trophies with the PS4 in offline mode?(Cant play without PSN)EternalWolf112/26 10:51AM
Is PSN still down in NJ?Spartan718312/26 10:47AM
A simple update would change everythingbelts24812/26 10:47AM
Hello Games confirms No Man's Sky is releasing in 2015
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PhaseBlack2112/26 10:46AM
Hey guys. In the market for a ps4. Saw it was $350 a bestbuy? New price? or?DARQ MX512/26 10:45AM
Can we still get trophies?
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Nephid1912/26 10:45AM
This is why I don't like online only games or games tied to the online experiencrichbad912/26 10:42AM
"Stop whining about PSN being down and spend time with your family"
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TJ_UNLIMITED14712/26 10:39AM
The last few days are proof consoles should never go online only
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cloudkane2112/26 10:37AM