Report - Destiny exclusive content only on PS4/PS3 till at least "Fall 2015"

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should have had an entire planet/strike missions an exclusive loot ect.

oh well.

There's en exclusive strike on Mars.

Timed exclusive*

You know the thing you ponies disregard when it's on xbox.

Someone seems salty

Why would I be salty? I own a ps4

What's your PSN?
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He is MrSalty12
PSN ID: Peephole303/ Timezone PST
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Wait... is this how its going to be for all the DLC?
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This is great news!

I am looking very forward to Destiny, so much so that I pre-ordered Glacier White PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle. That glossy white slab will look amazing, and that controller with its white body and black button layout is a nice color opposites scheme.

The only problem I foresee is, my controller will become very dirty from extended playtime, even with my incessant hand washing and sanitizing.