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wirymo123 posted...
My choice is physical. Thanks.

I have a son with a ps3, I can loan my games to him, i have a friend at work with a ps3, im borrow and loan games to him. How can digital do that. ????

Sorry, But thank you for asking.
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wiseguy100 posted...
No thanks, I'd rather pay the supermarket prices for a disc version instead of the ridiculous price you have to pay when buying digital.

For example. PSN store price of MotoGP was 59.99. I got it for 32.99 on disc.

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I love my physical copies so much that I wish games like Journey and Flower came on a disc.
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lol @ tc
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TC is Cliff Bliznewski
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I like my games how I like my coffee: in a physical format, not a virtual reality simulation.
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How about never. Digital is always more expensive than retail and I don't trust digital content on consoles. On PC it's different since you can be pretty sure that Steam will be around for as long as you live and even if that's not the case, no games are ever lost. What will happen to PS3 digital-exclusive games when the store for it is closed? Sony won't support it forever once the next consoles hit, or maybe not even that.
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I thought this topic was going to be unique. But it's just a digital vs. physical flame war.

I'll stick with physical. I wish GameFAQs users didn't keep coming here for reassurance to their digital choice. Don't be angry and hurt that I don't agree with you. I know it must be painful knowing digital only users are in the vast minority. Your defense is funny.

Good bye, I have to arrange my game cases in order from least awesome to most awesome. Or alphabetical. Or however I want to. Oh, you can't do that on your console? It arranges it via which one you played more recently? Ah, that sucks.
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I prefer digital so long as it is accessible as downloaded. Steam as great as it is would be better if the games (at least the ones I have actually bought) could be played independently. Heck I wish the Wii U and PS4 would let me make back ups on an external hard-drive. Just in case (more of a problem with the Wii U as PS4 games are account based, rather then Wii U console based)
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So are you just really young or a corporate shill?
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