People need to get out of the past and with the times

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gotohades posted...
I will stay in the past as long as possible then I guess. I'd be more shocked at the world getting a reliable internet source for a comparative price in the near future than game companies going all digital.

I would say this is a far better reason for sticking with physical copies of games.

That said, the biggest reason i prefer physical is in the case where the company goes under and you can never access that content ... period.

And before you say that'll never happen i'm 48 and i've seen far too many we'll be around forevers turn into oh, well ... we tried. Eventually cost is going to get to the point where its unsustainable if things in the industry on both sides don't start changing a little.
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unless I can lend a digital copy to my friends/family I see no reason to go digital
you also can't sell digital games, I trade in old games for new one's quite often.
I mean if's like a 10$ game I don't care, but heck no am I buying a 60$ game digital and then I'm stuck with it.
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Pretend the "soup ladle" is an access code to a digital game, and Patrick's TC.
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I still don't understand the whole digital thing. I can drive to the game store and back far quicker than I can download a 5gig file.
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Agent101c posted...
DeathFan357 posted...
Eventually game companies will stop making discs and go all digital. It will be less of a shock if you start going all digital now.

He's got a point, it's inevitable. Do you realize how much money companies save when they don't have to mass produce plastic rectangles and circular discs?

Manufacture, packaging, and shipping doesn't even come close to adding $1 to the cost. In fact, server space is much more expensive. As long as there are people going to stores to buy things there will be physical copies in stores. There's just too much money to lose if there aren't.
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rtkamb1770 posted...
I still don't understand the whole digital thing. I can drive to the game store and back far quicker than I can download a 5gig file.

Well, I can download a 5gb file much quicker than I can drive to the store and buy said game. Also, I can turn my ps4 on remotely to download my games while I'm at work, thus eliminating any wait at all.
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I have my bandwidth to think about here. Can't download all my games. The smaller ones sure, but not the big multiple gig ones.
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TC, it's not about living in the past. I enjoy having a physical copy that I can look at and let friends borrow. Part of these collector's editions of games is for the packaging a lot of times. A few games digital? No big deal, but 100% digital, no thanks. Besides, my internet is absolutely terrible (and my landlords won't fix it), so I'm pretty much screwed. I can't even connect to PSN anymore, it's that bad. But hey, glad you can do that!
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If you'r already out and about, then why don't you just stop somewhere and pick it up? Again, 5 mins to run into the store so you can have a physical copy is a good trade off to me.
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