Do you use your PS4 everyday since you got it?

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11 months ago#1
I only got mine a few days ago but I have used it everyday so far. how about you?
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11 months ago#2
I did but I have got bored with it recently and went back to my 360.
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11 months ago#3
Everyday. I game everyday and if I'm not gaming I'm watching netflix.
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11 months ago#4
I probably have used my PS3 a lot more than the PS4 since I got it. Except for short spurts of time when I actually had a game to play on it of course.
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11 months ago#5
Every day? no.

Multiple days a week? Yes.
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11 months ago#6
No, almost everyday.

My XB1 seems to be used everyday simply because I have my cable box pass-throughing my XB1.
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11 months ago#7
Nope - I don't use anything every day except my PC to keep up with others.
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11 months ago#8
My PS4 is collecting dust until The Last of us comes out and the game I am excited for release like PvZ, Destiny, NBA 2k, The Golf Club, Diablo 3.
11 months ago#9
Five out of seven days--because that's how often I'm home.

And the games I play most are multiplats, not exclusives.
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11 months ago#10
I simply don't have the time to use it every day. But I play when I can.
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  3. Do you use your PS4 everyday since you got it?

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