Do you think the PS4 can reach PS2 lifetime sale numbers?

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slyman19 posted...
Not a snowball's chance in hell.


But that's not a bash

PS2 was a beast and although fanboys won't admit it, MS is too big for Sony to reach that level again, at least this gen
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deadmarv posted...
Lol, I've answered that Showtime question before, and saying "maybe" to the TC's question is praising Sony?

I have admitted to hating ms, but I don't think I'm a fanboy. I bought a 360 way before a PS3, after a couple of RROD's and bad customer service, I lost all respect for ms.

And Sony's lack of support of the Vita has left me pretty bitter. So that makes me not a fanboy according to your logic, correct?
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Sorry, didn't know about yor vita situation, I take back the xbot fanboy remark. Time for me to head for work, nice talking to you.
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stawg007 posted...
MS is too big for Sony to reach that level again, at least this gen

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TC, I think you mean PS1. PS2 sold over 150 million units.
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PangLa posted...
TC, I think you mean PS1. PS2 sold over 150 million units.

By the end of gen 6, the PS2 had sold 100 million
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Absolutely not. The ps2's main selling point was that it was a Trojan horse for DVD. Anyone can buy a decent blu ray player for sub $100 or they already have a ps3 for blu rays.
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Can it? Yes.
Will it? Ask me in 2024.
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Universquall posted...
It has no competition. So possibly.

highly agree
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Things are different from back then. I just don't see it happening though I do expect the PS4 is going to ultimately do very well for Sony. The trends and the gaming market overall is very different and lot more varied than it was for the PS2. It is also much larger with more devices vying for attention that are also capable of playing games.

I don't think its impossible (could always be a perfect storm, lightning in a bottle, etc), I am just saying that with the way things are right now, it doesn't seem likely.