The last weapon or item you used in a video game

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User Info: BryanPS360

2 years ago#41
Echo's Sniper rifle from Killzone Shadowfall.

Well, it's not the worst weapon to have.
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User Info: kiseki_Judas

2 years ago#42
Eternal Sword. Nice.

User Info: OEIO999

2 years ago#43

So I guess that means I have to use...his katana...

Meh, could be worse I guess. I mean the power of wind isn't that bad

User Info: ElevenOhNoes

2 years ago#44
The minigun from Timesplitters 2. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.
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User Info: Zexes7

2 years ago#45
dual wielding blades from Tales of Symphonia

#$*(& yeah

User Info: gjc2007

2 years ago#46
Shovel Knight's Shovel.

Time to shake the earth.
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User Info: Ludacris01

2 years ago#47
the Batarang

oh nooooo
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User Info: tbone1024

2 years ago#48
Im screwed. I was playing MLB the Show. My RTTS SP so I guess I have a Mitt and ball.

User Info: asa667

2 years ago#49
(demons souls) a rapier and a silver catalist (magic wand).... both would be challenging.....

unless you count the glove/glasses the FBI guy uses in Heavy rain as a weapon.... then i would probably die trying to "blink em to death".
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User Info: stretch126

2 years ago#50
Swords from AC IV, safe to say that im good.
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