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2 years ago#1
Are going to come out on the PS3 moving forward? I have a PS3 and XBone.
2 years ago#2
None, it's 2014.
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2 years ago#3
Zing! Seriously though...
2 years ago#4
There are still some JRPGs coming out on the PS3 that the PS4 wont have.
2 years ago#5
McCartneyMartin posted...
Zing! Seriously though...

Seriously. As far as we know Sony is no longer making games for PS3 besides LBP3.
2 years ago#6
McCartneyMartin posted...
Zing! Seriously though...

No upcoming PS4 exclusives are slated for PS3

Edit: Except apparently LBP3

But Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order... all PS4
2 years ago#7
Bloodborne will most likely be on the PS3. Dark Souls games are generally not spec hogs. I'm not a Dark Souls fan anyway.
2 years ago#8
I doubt you'll see much more for exclusives on PS3 because it wouldn't make sense to release any more on it. But don't worry to much, you'll see lots of multiplats for a while.
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2 years ago#9
Don't forget there is about 80 million PS3's to 10 million PS4's.
2 years ago#10
LBP 3, and JRPGs like Persona 5 and Tales of Zestria though those aren't from Sony they still are usually Sony exclusive.
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