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Loadout is literally one of the worst games I've played in my lifes entirety
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So I got evil within today. *spoilers*
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doughnutman1812/19 8:09PM
Little Big Planet 3 best buy Canada salePackersXLV112/19 8:04PM
we neer everquest in rhe PS4skermac812/19 8:02PM
I am in a Dead Zone - Unable to play DESTINYPrimeJumper2015812/19 7:59PM
Sony Pictures and sony game division are 2 separate branch under sonycopycat2008912/19 7:55PM
classic game franchises you would like to see be revived on PS4
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Which PS4 Headset? (Poll)
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How is metro redux? Is it really hard? How's the story?
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I got a hefty xmas bonus at work...thinking of grabbing a PS4..which F2P games?
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RuinerEraser1812/19 7:20PM
Brand New PS4 Crash(LittleBigPlanet 3)
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Chaogod20001312/19 7:17PM
I got Assassin's Creed: Unity as a raffle prize. I don't own a PS4. (Poll)knightoffire55612/19 7:13PM
PS4 stuck preparing to turn offmikehatch812/19 7:07PM
Game Share questionsThe_BK212/19 6:46PM
Would you buy a Resistance 4? (Poll)
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Do you think that Skyrim will get a PS4/XBO upgrade or is it done?
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When they talk about game sharing...Alltra412/19 6:26PM
Looking back on the year, I feel kind of underwhelmed with the quality of gamesGame__Raider912/19 6:25PM
Can you buy vouchers for specific games for other people?HoIlywood312/19 6:25PM
I'm embarrassed of stating my own honest opinion that PS4 has no games
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chicksboii2112/19 6:15PM