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Is it worth having both Systems?
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Can someone explain the communication aspect of Twitch please?KSlaytheMonster310/1 3:39PM
Dust: An Elysian Tail (free on PS+ for Oct.) has a hideous artstyle
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Moast gamers will skip Bloodbourne if there is no pause button
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Y did Sony go with the same annoying start up beep 2 gens in a rowLAGswitchLARRY510/1 3:17PM
Man, i dont know how many times i've off my ps4 and still hear that beep noicetactikz4510/1 3:12PM
DS4 sale on Ebay.crazyman32310/1 2:58PM
how many games can you play at once?
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PS Plus free games October North AmericaRussellGorall610/1 2:50PM
The ONLY game that the Xbone has that I wish the PS4 had...
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What Upcoming Games Are You Most Looking Forward To?
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Wanting a new gameyankeefan03910/1 2:23PM
Is Tomb Raider worth $14.99?
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Any word on a UI fix anytime soon?grampamurked210/1 2:16PM
I never thought batman games could become alot better.Kaliesto1010/1 2:07PM
infamous second son worth $30crshovrr810/1 2:05PM
what should my first fiscal ps4 game be?
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So.... Metro was really boring for meJack_Ryder_2013510/1 2:02PM
Error messages when trying to contact server-changing real name, avatar, pic etcBryonySkyforge510/1 1:51PM
Based on exclusive games alone, which of the big three consoles offers the best? (Poll)
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