Do you think X1 can get better than PS4 through firmware updates alone?

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Let's play a game called spot the delusional xbot in this thread, hint (they mentioned Ryse is the best looking game).

Meanwhile MGS GZ ps4 ver just came out not long ago and said hello.

"Hands a sugar cube to the Pony"

I think you got lost on the wrong board. Perhaps because you are "Delusional?"

Oh teacher, please group us into different board so we can be on the board where we purchased the product for, and you not knowing what we purchased. Being a smart @ss really is fun?
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Xb1 already does a lot of things better then the ps4 in it's own way this is from playing and owning both but I'm
Not saying it's better only that it has great things about it the ps4 don't have. And vice versa
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anything is possible if you believe
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anything is possible if you believe

I believe... I BELIEVE!!!!

*Commence musical*
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