How much you think they will charge to play online?

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$10 inflation over an eight year cycle? that's not too bad. I doubt they would risk the wrath by increasing it at this point. but then again, it is MS after all.

why do you think their would be wrath? I assume with a new Xbox, Live also gets an upgrade.

If said upgrade eliminated any and all lag, made Netflix load 1080p super quick, and eliminated ads from the dashboard/apps, sure. Till then, I can't see any justification for another price hike.
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People then to forget that it was SONY who came out with a $599.99 console at the start of this gen while calling Microsoft greedy.

If I recall, the $599 PS3 came with a wireless adapter and a harddrive that actually had space. Still, it was too expensive.

But now when you compare PS3 and Xbox prices, Xbox is waaay too expensive. I just bought one so I know. And this is even before you pay for Live.
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^^^Sure after Sony cut their own throats this gen.
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$60 at launch, $70 later.
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The next iteration of Live will cost $70 a year, at launch. If it is still successful, the price will go up every year.
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