-Xbox, open Internet Explorer.

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User Info: Vigrim

3 years ago#1
-Xbox, search Amazon.

-Xbox, buy me a PS4.

-Xbox, search Ebay.

-Xbox sell yourself.

-Xbox, shut down.
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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
3 years ago#2
Internet Explorer? Eww....
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User Info: Ignignot_Er

3 years ago#3
They better not force IE on us too.

But we all know they will.

User Info: heartlessprinny

3 years ago#4
They are, the browser on The One is IE.

User Info: Firenzey

3 years ago#5
Xbox kill yourself
"A 1v1 with jesus would suck............every time you killed him you'd have to wait three days for his respawn"

User Info: MasterChief14

3 years ago#6
It just keeps getting worse and worse...
What you guys dont understand about the Catalyst kid is that he has to kill us. If he doesnt then we'll die. -Toast51
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