worst named console ever

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2 years ago#11
Its not that bad we'll all be calling it xbox anyway.
2 years ago#12
Wii had the worst name and dominated... Maybe it's a sign it will do amazingly well? Naw.
Flop off the gate.
2 years ago#13
It is great for the LOLs.
It was code named Durango , and named Xbox One.
It gives a nod to its origin and its destiny Xbox dOne.
2 years ago#14
all in one but can't play Xbox or Xbox 360 games....
Everything EA contributed to gamers around the world in one youtube clip
2 years ago#15
Xbox One is the worst named gaming device in history. This is a fact, not an opinion.
I am a fan of gaming, and I enjoy Nintendo games as well as games from other developers, whether it's on the PlayStation, Xbox, or a Nintendo console. - Wugeezy
2 years ago#16
Lmao at this topic and all the rabid fanboys going full hyperbole
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2 years ago#17
Wii succeeded because it had a off kilter name that attracted potty humor. It was noticeable.

One is just kinda boring, and the appearance of the console itself doesn't help matters either. It's difficult to get excited aesthetically about it.
2 years ago#18
That name is so dumb!! When you say its name it sounds like your talking about the first Xbox! XD
2 years ago#19
Apple made a console and THAT was the worst console ever made.
2 years ago#20

Xbox Infinity
Xbox 720
Xbox Zero
Xbox Fusion

all better names, so disappointed
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