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3 years ago#11
The Japanese are still primarily gamers who don't play games because of nice/better tech or buy consoles for non gaming features like here in the U.S. Kind of ironic since Japan is always associated with great technology.
3 years ago#12
Here's what the Japanese and I agree upon:

"Television. The NFL. These things seem the biggest, but in Japan, they're totally irrelevant. For Japan, it's totally over. It's at the point where it doesn't matter if this doesn't sell in Japan."

"I gathered that they didn't think about Japan at all."

"Western internet forums are on fire. lol"

"Well, the controller didn't get worse. But, whatever..."

"Put together a presentation for gamers."

"I wonder how Americans are gaming at home. Whenever I'm playing a game, I never feel like I want to watch TV, so the ability to switch between the two makes no sense to me."

"They [Microsoft] are not looking at Sony or Nintendo, but are frantically coming up with countermeasures for Apple and Google."

"And here, I thought they were going put out something with amazingly high specs..."

"They're totally not thinking of Japan...This is worse than the Xbox 360."

"The reaction from foreigners isn't good. On Twitter, it's being trashed."

I think I bought the wrong console this gen.
3 years ago#13
They might as well not even release it there.
3 years ago#14
Some_Static posted...
NoName999 posted...
Japan relies on the used game market more than America.

Yeah, no chance of the XB1 selling over there. (like there was a chance in the first place)

Is that so? I never knew that.

its because of print runs, only the biggest franchises get decent printings
3 years ago#15
So they went to the Japanese version of 4chan to get some responses how is that good journalism.
3 years ago#16
am I the only person who automatically started reading this in my head with a Japanese accent?
3 years ago#17
It looks like they may not even try to sell in Japan, hard to blame them, I'd rather they just spend their resources in larger markets
3 years ago#18
This thing is going to sell less in Japan than the Atari Jaguar did. And yes, the Atari Jaguar did get released in Japan.
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