Xbox One reveal as told by Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, & Kevin Spacey

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WARNING: Major spoilers for the film Se7en. Watch at your own risk. @_@
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Morgan Freeman sure is getting OLD.
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CrystalKing5426 posted...
Morgan Freeman sure is getting OLD.

I agree, he is getting rather old. :( Still a great actor, though!
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You sir....are amazing ^o^
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What's in the Xbox? What's in the Xbooox?!
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From: Nightshade Zero | #005
What's in the Xbox? What's in the Xbooox?!

Oh no...that gif is based on that scene?

I saw that movie loong ago when I was younger. Funny...even then I understood it just fine.
But DAMN was I depressed afterwards.
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8GB of DDR3 memory, with 3 reserved for the OS

That part always gets me.
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Ah, god...that scene is heartbreaking...
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"or at the very least buy a WiiU"

Pitt's expression during that line is priceless
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