Sony trolled MS and MS fell for it?

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Thanks SomnusNemoris I couldn't have said it better. But I also agree Sony is huge, but hopefully not this clueless. As far as EA, if no one buys the Xbox1 and Sony says no used code or your not on our system.. what will EA to do to sell games. Beg for Nintendo's forgiveness?
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Sony patents a way to block used games on their console. MS jumps on board but don't speculate on rumors, but neither does Sony. Sony reveals the PS4 stating they will not block used games. MS must reveal their system but stalls because they already designed it to block used games. The day before the MS reveal their system Sony trolls MS again with a PS4 teaser. MS reveals the Xbox1. BACKLASH. Sony laughs. Even if MS changes the Xbox1 at this point to play used games or not always be online ect, MS still loses $$ and customers. Sony execs laughing.

Clever on Sonys part or did MS want to shoot themselves in the face? Either way, better entertainment is only found on reality shows. IMO of course. lol

Well since Blu-ray is a technology that has to be licensed from Sony to use.. maybe they hired Sony to add that feature in so they could use it on their system?

No, HD-DVD just failed, that's all.
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It would be hilarious if they set them up like that. I'd go to PS4 just out of respect for a troll like that.

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It would be hilarious if they set them up like that. I'd go to PS4 just out of respect for a troll like that.

It is suspicious when you consider Phil Harrison, vp of trolling yesterday, came from Sony. Do we have corporate espionage to the highest degree? XD

Umm...Sony sent Bernie Stolar to Sega, where he quickly ruined Sega beyond repair withing 3 years. I wouldnt be surprised.
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