i feel bad for people who spent hundreds on xbla and psn games

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When I spend $10 on an Arcade game to me it's like going to the cinema or eating out, it's disposable entertainment. Similar with a cinema ticket, once purchased the only value it has is your enjoyment until it's over.

Besides, I still have my 360.

I have the same attitude about downloads. but only 10-15 dollar downloads. I think of them as glorified rentals and I know eventually I may not have this content. 60 bucks though and I want control of the content. Since MS is expanding the controls for all content.....even the expensive games....all content will be gone eventually.

Yeah same for me, above $20 I like to be able to hold it in my hands, but $10, come on folks you spend nearly that much at a McDonalds. It's disposable entertainment.
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All of my steam games still work great.
Yea, I thought so.
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This isn't that big of a deal. The only curious thing about it is that the One is supposed to be the only entertainment device you need (hence "One") and yet you have MS saying things like you should keep your 360 as well to play your old games, which is a bit of a contradiction in their message.
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Why? I can still play all my PS3 games whenever I want. I have no interest in early console BC when all it does is drive up the price.

Your ps3 will die at some point. Goodbye games.

I still have a fully functional ps1,ps2,xbox one (sorry), n64, 3do etc.
Should my ps3 and 360 die, just get them fixed.

They can last awhile, but they all will die eventually. Harddrive needs replaced ? Goodbye games.

With that kind of mentality you might as well give up on buying games period. Eventually there will be a point where the hardware itself can't be replaced or repaired, does that mean you shouldn't buy game consoles? Since one day there won't be any more made to replace one that "dies eventually"?
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i have 2 ps3s, 500gb each, digital downloads...
if an hdd thing happens to one of them>>>backup>>change harddrive>>restore
if one of them is terminated, still have the other one
i had 4 ps3 up to now and i figured the lazer-drive is the most problematic component
im really satisfied with my solution
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... Downloadable titles are considered backwards incompatible now?

Not a big deal either way, since if half of this ****storm is true, I won't be buying the new Xbox anyway.
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SORS_IMMANIS posted...
Why? I can still play all my PS3 games whenever I want. I have no interest in early console BC when all it does is drive up the price.

See The Game Collection
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In 15-20 years IF the xbox360 servers are taken down, and I'm upset that I can't re-download and play my copy of trials HD... at the age I will be in 15-20 years, I might as well just end it all now.

That's how I feel about this ridiculous topic. Whine more.
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