Pathetic that controller still uses batteries

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Rather have rechargable AAs then have to plug into the console.
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CloakedNub posted...
Better than having to be tethered to the console.

What does it matter? Are you playing video games from across the house?

To be honest, wireless itself isn't much of an advantage for me. I would rather just have a long cable and never have to worry about power.
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how dare they make electronics that need a power source to function properly!!!!

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darkshadowmaster posted...
anonymousicko posted...

To be honest, I have never met PS3 controller that died because of the internal batteries among my friends. It's a pretty rare case. Usually people buy a new PS3 controller because the analog worn out, or the controller broke when accidentally dropped/played too vigorously(or thrown away out of frustration lol).

But never the case of died internal batteries. It could have been, but it's rare. That's why no one is complaining the PS3 controller having internal rechargeable batteries.

Opposite for me, my friends and I have all bought multiple for our PS3s life cycle, with myself currently owning 4 controllers. 2 that won't charge at all and can only be used while plugged in, one that holds a charge for maybe 3 hours, and the most recent one that still functions as normal.

I've had my two PS3 controllers for almost 6 years and they both work perfectly well. Maybe EU just got better batteries?
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Parisinflames78 posted...
Yep i would rather have rechargeable AA batteries than a built in battery.
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Don't really understand the issue with charging the PS3 controller. Just plug it in after every gaming session, and it will always be charged for wireless play when you come back.