Day One buyers, which room are you setting up Xbox One in?

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Build a basement and play every game naked. Take that microsoft!
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geddoe_1027 posted...
Maleorder posted...
Its going to be in my room...unplugged until I wanna play something

You will probably keep unplugging it for a bit, perhaps a few months to a year, if even that long. Sooner or later you won't even care any more. You'll think 'Why do I need to hide?' or simply feel that it's becoming a hassle. You may even come to enjoy having your device watch you while you perform your bed rituals. Your increasing trust will allow industries to offer you more self-aware devices to fill your home with. This will progress until devices become far too intelligent, which will allow them to tie you down and have their way with you. Thus spawning The Matrix.

Usually, you gotta pay for that kind of action. Hey man, whatever path I gotta take so that I can Do flying bicycle kicks or "Do my Best superman impression" Im down.

Actually I'll only plug it in so that It can watch me play the PS4 right in front of it
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hello earthlings, i am from another planet
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The bathroom.

It'll make a GREAT toilet.
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