Why the assumption that the Rental Business is doomed?

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how do you feel about mewtwo's new form change mewtwo
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UnknownToaster posted...
It's not just this board. Gamers are worse than tea party republicans when it comes to baseless assumptions. This is on the same level as "Death Panels"

I realize I'm late, but I lol'd my ass of at this.
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PinkPikachu posted...
how do you feel about mewtwo's new form change mewtwo

Personally I feel fine with it. It's not going to stop me from using the original form if I don't want to, and if it's fits a niche/etc. in competitive in a way I would like, I may use it just as much in regards to the standard form.

I also think people getting upset over it are kidding themselves, or just overreacting, especially the ones who weren't Mewtwo fans to begin with.
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