so, some kid in the UK is trolling the crap out of MS right now

#21Tavy89Posted 5/24/2013 11:14:40 AM
I keep meaning to say this everytime I see the sig, but tc, I badly want Golden Sun on the 3DS as well.

That is all.
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#22NoBulletPosted 5/24/2013 11:16:02 AM
MS uses for the 360. Why does it matter at all?
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#23Ampharos64Posted 5/24/2013 11:21:18 AM
They really seem amazingly disorganised with this entire thing. XD Don't have their company line in place to give consistent answers, didn't register the domain...
#24SinisterSlayPosted 5/24/2013 11:40:41 AM
Nice troll whoever you are, well done :)
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#25Ray_d2nerdPosted 5/24/2013 12:00:14 PM
Hopefully the fanturds of MS finally see now how deep MS employes ave their heads stuck in their after.

Seriously, how dumb can one corporation be?
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#26aNiceLayPosted 5/24/2013 12:04:39 PM
He should create a dog treat called the x-bone
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#27Prince ShondronaiPosted 5/24/2013 12:08:00 PM
NoBullet posted...
MS uses for the 360. Why does it matter at all?

Well, what if you're a clueless individual who just enters "" into their browser to see what all the hubbub is about regarding this new Microsoft console? If Microsoft owned it, it would redirect to, and everything would be fine.

Under someone else's ownership, tons of potential XBO-owners could be in for any in a wide range of horrific sights upon opening that domain in their browser!
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