Which of the major issues bothers you the most?

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The Kinect should not be separated from the DRM. The Kinect IS the central piece of DRM that makes the whole thing work. Your voice and face are the "fingerprint" that the network uses to associate you with the game you paid for. The fact that the kinect can play games and help you navigate through TV channels is just a side feature. The DRM capabilities are why they included kinect, and why they require it to always be on if you want to play games.
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I dont see any issues that affect me personally

So nothing bothers me.
Got mine preordered

There are a lot of people on this board who hate that argument

not an argument.
a personal feeling.

- nothing on the machine bothers me.

you cant argue with that and its not going to change even if you try.

Oh I won't argue with that because I don't care about you. But people will say you're a sheep for accepting a console that takes away your rights.
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