Xbone will track EVERYTHING you watch on TV and reward you if you watch TV ads

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HENTAIDOJI posted...
Xbone will track EVERYTHING you watch on TV and reward you if you watch TV ads

Free games.

PSN+ just lost all it's appeal.

I didn't understand that. I've read PSN+ users get free games once in a while. Is that what you are referring to?

What i don't know is, if that is an apology sort of thing for the hacking fiasco or genuinely a cool thing Sony does.
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Kaliesto posted...
It gets worse:

I swear some consumers are complete dumbasses if they support this crap.

But they didn't mention that the previous record holder sold 10 units or that most of the stores that took the preorders will be out of business by the time the thing comes out. Don't worry. Even if mom and Dad and Grandma buy these things, gamers will not buy the games to support it....or will they?
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Reward for watching tv ads? SWEET! I got two tvs so I can just play PS4, 360 or just watch tv on the other one and just let the ads play! Best idea ever Xbox!
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my video game tv is not hooked up to a cable box. its exclusively for video games and movies stored on ps3.
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There are only few things I can't comprehend.

But this?

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