Why is this called Xbone?

#1BeanBeanKingdomPosted 5/28/2013 8:09:49 AM
It doesn't look like a very pirate-friendly console...
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#2robert_rangersuPosted 5/28/2013 8:10:56 AM
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#3wolf riderPosted 5/28/2013 8:11:58 AM
gets a lol from me :)
#4ElemayowePosted 5/28/2013 8:12:24 AM
Because you're better off letting your dog bury it in the garden.
#5-Damien-Posted 5/28/2013 8:13:04 AM
because some boneheads came up with some ideas for this console
#6CTRv2Posted 5/28/2013 8:13:48 AM
because chewing on a bone will be more fun that playing the new console
#7rusty12000Posted 5/28/2013 8:16:11 AM
i think the name was made because Microsoft is Boning their fanbase, indie developers and retail stores. Everyone is getting Xboned.
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#8FoppePosted 5/28/2013 8:21:12 AM
Xbox One
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#9TreasureHunterGPosted 5/28/2013 8:22:07 AM
Because lol Xbone
#10cbc72Posted 5/28/2013 8:25:14 AM
Elemayowe posted...
Because you're better off letting your dog bury it in the garden.

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