What will the Xbox One motto be? 360's is "Jump In."

#1TheSmartBlondePosted 5/28/2013 6:53:01 PM
PS3's is "It does everything."

Xbox One: Always on. Always watching.
#2AceviperPosted 5/28/2013 6:53:59 PM
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#3Lemur_HPosted 5/28/2013 6:54:12 PM
TheSmartBlonde posted...
Xbox One: Always on. Always watching.

#4Allaster111Posted 5/28/2013 6:54:31 PM
XBox One: You must Kinect to authenticate.
#5NormnStansfieldPosted 5/28/2013 6:55:42 PM
pick up the soap
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#6ComfortablySadPosted 5/28/2013 6:57:01 PM
NormnStansfield posted...
pick up the soap

Xbox One, bend over.
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#7SuperVegito2487Posted 5/28/2013 6:57:18 PM
i believe thats in the name...

one device to rule them all, by them all i mean your living room...

and let me just point out one MASSIVE Flaw...

most of its non gaming features are tv things... yeah funny thing thats AMERICA ONLY.... and with the hate its already getting WITHOUT mentioning that... hell the market for it in non us countries isnt gonna be very good...

one device to rule them all..... in america...
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#8joyce_181502Posted 5/28/2013 7:15:34 PM
Xbox One: Pucker up ... not your mouth but your ass
#9fretless58Posted 5/28/2013 7:16:49 PM
Xbox One: Abandon ship!
#10TheRobPosted 5/28/2013 7:20:35 PM
"Climb out."
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