What will the Xbox One motto be? 360's is "Jump In."

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biohazard1775 posted...
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Xbox, go home.
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XBox One: We're Watching.
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psnshade71 posted...
From the genuises that brought you windows vista.

I actually liked Windows Vista. Main problem people had was that they installed it on PC's which mostly weren't powerful enough to run it smoothly. Mine was, so I was fine.

Your example would have been better if you would have used Windows 8, which is an insult to every desktop/laptop user, just like the Xbox One is an insult to gamers.
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joyce_181502 posted...
Xbox One: Pucker up ... not your mouth but your ass

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One box to watch them all
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'big brother is here'
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It'll take some doing to beat the pathetic 'Jump In,' easily one of the lamest tag lines ever.

They might as well go with.

X-Box One. No, not that one from 2001, but the new one. The X-Box One.

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"Run from the flames"
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Xbone: Get Boned