I predict XBOne will be a huge success

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3 years ago#11
kcypher2000 posted...
Now i know all the doom and gloom topics are the in thing right now by people who don't care to think about economic benefits of blocking used games or the conspiracy theorists who care more about kinect watching them dance in their briefs than the Patriot Act. However I think the XBOne has a lot of potential to seize the market for the following reasons.

1. Kinect 2.0 and Xbox TV are catchy novelties that will appeal to the masses and help build a large install base. Large install base attracts developers.

2. MS actually markets their products. This huge push will once again help build the install base which is crucial to attracting developers.

3. Used game fees will increase profitability for publishers who would in turn fund developers to create more games for the system.

4. Securing the support of EA and Activision, the two biggest publishers in the industry guarantees the top multiplatform games on Xbox with timed exclusives. Also with the hire software attach ratio the Xbox 360 held compared to the ps3 its safe to say that the big publishers will support the XBOne.

5. Exclusives that sell systems. Ps3 had many great exclusives but at the end of the generation it still had less than the 360. People like to list every ps3 exclusive that came out even though none of them were really system sellers. Halo and Gears are considered staples of the Xbox because it actually increased system sales dramatically in the months in which they launched.

Spying device, No used games, and required online. Yep got yourself a winner right there.
3 years ago#12
WhoIsTheDrizzle posted...
Support Microsoft, you're a troll.
Do not support Microsoft, you're a troll.
Mention Sony? You're a troll.

No doubt that term is getting thrown around an obnoxious amount, but no I would say TC is a legitimate troll. Every single point he made is going against the grain of popular opinion as much as possible. Every point he makes is pro corporate, anti consumer, and misinformed points as well. He responded very hostility to a person that tried to support him. All in all I would say he is a troll.
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