how would you....?

#1slowdog76Posted 5/29/2013 12:15:52 AM
whatever the final outcome will be with regards to physical media, i think we can all agree that the industry wants to move to a DD model completely over time. i personally think that the shift will be almost complete by the end of the imminent generation.

but anyway, how would you go about it? what do sony and microsoft NEED to do to ensure that this is a smooth transistion? what would you like to see?

i think they need to show a distinct benefit to DD only. i see no reason why they cannot implement a rental system. sony themseves have said that every game can be played for an hour before a purchase is required for example, so it shouldnt be too difficult.

and of course, there is the rumoured digital license trading.

regardless, they have to provide a financial benefit. they cannot justify selling a launch game On Demand for 15. that approach, for me, is one that HAS to change
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