Do people seriously think the Kinect will be recording footage of them?

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Why take a risk? Maybe bored employee will do it sometime?

Because you could easily find out by monitoring your bandwidth usage and router logs. It's not like the Kinect is beaming directly back to Microsoft using some advanced form of communication. It still needs to use your personal internet connection.

You know what's easier than checking to make sure?

Not buying an xbox one.
Be yonce.
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Lol if its anything like uno all kinect will see is guys jerking off.
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Then don't opt in for it.

I won't. By not buying the system.
That's the only way to opt out. If you believe Microsoft would go to the trouble of designing a console that forces you to connect a high-tech spying device, only to allow you to actually turn it off then you are laughably naive.
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I'm not speaking for the XBox One. I'm just trying to help you guys keep your 1984 inspired paranoia in check.
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I choose to believe, what I was programmed to believe.
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Guess I pretty much exposed all this "CCTV in my house" talk for what it is - hysteria
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Golden Maven posted...
Guess I pretty much exposed all this "CCTV in my house" talk for what it is - hysteria

Guess I just became king of earth and won the indy 500.
Be yonce.
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It was easy too. One little post and the job was done. I know people will continue to go off on their irrational rants, though.


just like children, no sense in arguing with them.
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Raw video or audio footage has no real intrinsic value.

Behavioral data - does.

This information is already being collected - everywhere on nearly every interactive device imaginable.
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